Marina Fancellu

I level Medical Doctor Executive at the Eye Clinic  of the University of Sassari, where she graduated and then specialized in ophthalmology in 1985.
Since then, she has gained extensive experience in anterior segment and ocular annexes surgery and regularly followed clinical pathologies and surgery courses.
In 2003 she took a one-year master degree in “Low vision and Visual Rehabilitation” in Vinci, organised by the Eye Clinic of Careggi Hospital in Florence and held by Prof. Ugo Menchini. She’s been practising eye acupuncture since 2010, following the John Boel method (Danish acupucturer who invented the method ten years ago).
She attended 4 courses in Aulum, Denmark ( where Dr. John Boel’s clinic is based) and in UK. In 2010, she took a qualifying course about "IOL Implantation Surgery" (existing crystalline lens replacement) to become a certified physician for surgical high myopia correction, at Humanitas in Milan.

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